July 3, 2010

Netherlands shocks Brazil 2-1

Brazil Lost, Beaten by Netherlands Soccer Team at WC2010 – Netherlands was able to shock the world by beating five-time World Cup champion Brazil in their match. Now, the team that has been labeled as “underachievers” will be going for the title. They were able to rally for the comeback victory against Brazil, 2-1 in the quarterfinals. The team played hard throughout the game and was able to execute solidly defensively in order to help secure the victory. Wesley Sneijder was able score in the 68th minute on a header. After scoring the goal, he can up to a TV camera, tapped the lens with his finger, and stuck his face up close to the camera.

Sneijder played the hero in the victory. His teammates swarmed him as the game ended, and threw him over their shoulders. It was an amazing moment for a team that up until now had not been playing up to their potential. Throughout the tournament they have consistently disappointed crowds with games that were less exciting than they should have been. That was not the case against Brazil, though.

The Dutch had made the championship game in 1974 and 1978 but were never been able to secure a victory. In the 53rd minute of the game, Felipe Melo accidentally headed the ball into his own goal, bringing the game to a tie.
“I’m devastated. It was hard to see the players crying back there,” Felipe Melo said.
He was obviously upset by his mistake that ultimately cost his team the match and the chance to play for a sixth championship.