July 6, 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 Quarter-Final Matches Review

The World Cup quarter-finals were held on Friday and Saturday. Although it looked like some of the matches were close, there was one that simply blew everyone out of the water.
On Friday, the round started with a match between Netherlands and Brazil in Port Elizabeth. There was an early goal made by Robinho for Brazil, which put Netherlands behind. However, this didn’t stop the Dutch players from defeating them 2-1. The winning shot was made by Wesley Snijder, who said after the match that it was a great feeling to have slipped in the goal.

The second game for Friday was at Soccer City between Uruguay and Ghana. There was no clear winner when the clock ran out, as the scoreboard showed 1-1. So penalty shots declared Uruguay the winner 4-2. Sebastian Abreu made the winning penalty shot.
The first Saturday match was held at Green Point between Germany and Argentina, and this is the game that blew everyone away. Germany took the win with 4-0, which is a total embarrassment for Argentina, who simply didn’t look like they were even there.

Hours later, Spain defeated Paraguay 1-0 at Ellis Park Stadium. David Villa made the winning goal only 8 minutes before the second half clock ran out.
The winners will now meet in the semi-finals this week. On Tuesday, Uruguay and Netherlands will meet at Green Point Stadium for an 8:30pm match, while Germany and Spain will meet at Durban Stadium for a match at the same time but on Wednesday. The teams that win these matches will meet in the final after the defeated teams play one last match to decide who comes in 3rd place for the tournament.