July 2, 2010

FIFA World Cup Football 2010 Round of Sixteen Matches & Results

All group matches & Round of Sixteen of the FIFA World Cup 2010 are finally over. In total, 48 matches were played in the Group Stages. 16 teams from 8 groups have qualified for the Round of 16. The Round of 16  (pre-quarterfinal) matches are knockout. So now only 8 top teams remaining. The unexpected teams are Paraguay & Ghana. They qualified for the first time in Quarter - Finals. And as usual the big teams are here also. Like Brazil, Argentina, Germany. And one of the favorite Spain is also in the battle. We are looking forward to the high voltage matches between Brazil & Netherlands and between Germany & Argentina. Quarter - Finals of FIFA World Cup 2010 starting today with the match between Brazil vs Netherlands. In another match Uruguay will take on Ghana. Tomorrow Argentina will take on Germany and on another match Spain will play against Paraguay. Hope we can see a neck to neck contest in these days.

Round Of Sixteen

 URU 2:1  KOR

 USA 1:2 a.e.t. (1:1, 0:1)  GHA

 ARG3:1  MEX 

  GER 4:1  ENG

 Netherlands 2:1 Slovakia 

Brazil 3:0 Chile 

 Paraguay 5:3 Japan (Tie - Breaker)

Spain 1:0 Portugal