July 24, 2010

How to Download & Install Indian Rupee Symbol Font On Your Computer

Indian Rupee symbol has granted & India got it's first symbol, that leads her to join the elite club of five nations those have own symbol. As a Indian every one should be proud of this.

But did you know how to download & install Indian Rupee symbol font in your computer? Don't know till now? So you are backdated. Know how to  download & install Indian Rupee symbol on your computer & type it in MS Word.

The first thing you have to do that is to download this font. To download this CLICK HERE.

After you download save it to your desktop. Then just copy the .ttf file & go to the control panel. Now you have to just paste the file into font folder. Your font installed.

Indian Rupee Symbol Font

But how you write the symbol on MS Word? Open a MS Word. Go to the font style & find the Rupee Foradian from your fonts.Press the button above of the tab button. You can see the Rupee Symbol in your MS Word file. Is not it so easy to download & install. Proud to be an India.