May 5, 2010

The Titanic's Original Passenger List

You saw Titanic the movie that won 11 Academy awards. You like it, as well as me also & the whole world. The actual name of the ship was RMS Titanic. It's owner was White Star Line. It had a capacity to carry 3547 people. So it's obviously  a huge ship . It was sank 15th April, 1912.

 And it was Monday, the first working day of a week. So it was a sad ending of a Great Journey. Here is a list of passengers & survivors.

First Class -342 people & survivors 201 people.
Second Class- 277 people & survivors 118 people.
Third Class - 708 people survivors 181 people.
Crew - 898 people survivors 212 people.
Total - 2207 people & total survivors 712 people.  So the total percentage of  survivors was 32.3.

Here you can see a original scanned copy of  the passenger list of the Titanic. It was reproduced by The National Archives, London, England,

The Original Scanned Copy of Passenger List of the Titanic

Courtesy : Sreenivaas Surathu