May 20, 2010

Sachin on Twitter and his Crusade Against Cancer

Twitter is now the largest micro-blogging website with a huge number of daily unique visitors. Many biggies have account in this site. As per the Indian celebrities they use this platform to talk against each other. We already saw  that happened between Lalit Modi & Sashi Tharoor. That was a bad thing. They are using this platform for their own vested interest. 

Little Master the great Sachin Tendulkar joined twitter in a little late. But he has won the fans heart. He is not using this platform for his own interest like Indian "Great" politicians. He has done a really good job for mankind.

Some of his tweets on this matter:

"I m involved with 'Sachin's crusade against cancer', helping Dr Jagannath raise funds for children with cancer. Hope we get a good response"

"Tryin 2 raise money for a corpus,so kids with cancer who can't afford treatment can b helped by giving them medicines,paying for surgery etc"

"Thanks for great response. Donate for children with cancer & help us in fund raising."

"Join hands with me to give a new lease of life and hope to children afflicted from cancer."

"Join hands with me to give a new lease of life & hope to children afflicted from cancer. u for ur support"

"Every rupee counts.Thanx a lot to every donor for all your support.I really appreciate it."

On his own word

"Anjali and I are committed to help children suffering with cancer in their treatment. We have joined hands with Dr. Jagannath for a fund raising effort to create a corpus for ‘Sachin’s Crusade against Cancer in Children’. 
We need your support for this noble cause. We invite you to an exclusive charity dinner on 27th May at Mumbai and have an opportunity to meet us personally. "

Call it an outpouring of faith or a measure of star-struck fans. But a single Tweet from Indian willow star Sachin Tendulkar could actually change the lives of many cancer-afflicted children. Twitter fans of the cricketer from across the country and the world — from Malad to Manhattan and from Fort to Florida — reached out to help children after he tweeted on Thursday. 

In less than 24 hours since the cricketer tweeted on the social networking site for support, the kitty of the Sachin's Crusade Against Cancer in Children showed almost Rs 67 lakh. Several corporate houses and individuals ha signed up to dine with the Tendulkars on May 27 even as around a hundred individuals had electronically sent in sums ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 5,000 for the cause. "It is all about changing goodwill into support for a good cause," says Dr P Jagannath, the cancer surgeon whose website has roped in Tendulkar for the charity drive. 

The campaign's aim is to raise Rs 1 crore as the initial corpus. This would help the group raise Rs 10 lakh each year to help treatment of about 20 cancer-afflicted children. Cancer care is extremely expensive as it involves recurring costs for medicines, tests and surgery. Costs for some childhood cancers run into lakhs. "This campaign seeks to raise funds for children afflicted by cancer anywhere in India and under treatment in any good hospital," says the doctor. 
In Mumbai in particular, it is a well-known fact that charity helps parents\patients get treatment. Be it public hospitals such as KEM, Sion or Nair Hospitals or private trust hospitals such as Hinduja, Jaslok or Lilavati, donations into the poor box funds help many pateints from humble backgrounds. Temple trusts and community funding are other known funding agencies. 

Tweeting about his new drive on Thursday afternoon, Tendulkar exhorted his 2.85 lakh followers in Twitter-dom to "Join hands with me to give a new lease of life and hope to children afflicted from cancer". Fans can either chip in sums ranging rom Rs 2,000 to Rs 25,000 for the cause and get personally signed mementoes or meet the star to make higher contributions. On May 27, Tendulkar is hosting an exclusive charity dinner in the city for the cause. 

Dinner for one would mean shelling out Rs 50,000 while a family outing with the Tendulkars would work out to Rs 1 lakh.