August 20, 2010

Askmen Top 10 Most Desirable Women List Revisited

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Megan Fox is not so foxy after all, at least according to The "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" star plummeted from a No. 2 position on the men's online magazine's list of the Top 99 Most Desirable Women in 2009 to a No. 11 position on the website's 2010 list, announced on Tuesday, with lesser known "Entourage" actress Emmanuelle Chriqui snagging the No. 1 spot.

After more than 6 million votes were cast by readers, Megan Fox fell short of even scoring a position in the top 10, dropping down nine positions after being bumped out by women deemed "more desirable" by readers, such as British actress Kate Beckinsale (No. 3), "Single Ladies" singer Beyonce (No. 6), Jessica Alba (No. 5), and Penelope Cruz (No. 7). Fox's considerable plunge in the ranks is at first surprising, considering most men's magazines admittedly couldn't get enough of the actress in 2009, so much so that several men's websites teamed up for "A Day Without Megan Fox" on August 4, 2009.
Eva Mendes, along with the likes of other online men's magazine heavyweights like, dedicated a 24-hour period to talking about anything other than the over-exposed "Transformers" starlet.

But was Megan Fox's over-exposure in 2009 simply the result of her notoriously racy interviews and her overtly sexy red carpet poses in which she famously sticks out her tongue? And are those traits alone enough to be considered "desirable" by men across America? 
Here goes the top 10 list: 

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui
2. Marisa Miller
3. Kate Beckinsale
4. Alessandra Ambrosio
5. Jessica Alba
6. Beyoncé
7. Penélope Cruz
8. Cheryl Cole
9. Eva Mendes
10. Miranda Kerr

Although once heralded as "the next Angelia Jolie,"  Megan Fox has yet to prove that she has the staying power and audience attraction of Oscar-winning Angelina, and it's not just's poll that's indicative of this. Fox's first headlining movie, October 2009's "Jennifers Body," only managed to bring in $6.8 million in North American ticket sales during its opening weekend, despite the film's racy content. 
Miranda Kerr

Fox's drop out of the top 10 on's list of the
 Top 99 Most Desirable Women of 2010is not necessarily a sign that the actress' career has peaked, especially considering her position on the list has fluctuated over the years, debuting at No. 56 in 2006, dropping down to No. 73 in 2007, then moving up to No. 12 in 2008 before hitting No. 2 in 2009. But her latest rank at No. 11 might suggest that the actress has to show a little more dimension, if she's ever going to get back near the top. 

 Megan Fox have her own real-life version of "Revenge of the Fallen" in 2011? Can Megan Fox, the actress, transform herself into something other than a sexpot like Jolie managed to do? Only time will tell and, at the very least, there's always the upcoming "Transformers 3."

Alessandra Ambrosio

Marisa Miller

Cheryl Cole

Penelope Cruz

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