August 6, 2010

17th October, Will Sun Rise for Continuous 36 Hours

On 17th October, 2010 the SUN will rise continuously for 36 hours that counts 1 and half day due to which US countries will be covered by darkness for one and half days. There is no scientific report confirmation over this, but it is the matter revolving around not only through net but also through mobiles and mouths.

It will convert 3 days to 2 big days and it happens once in 2400 years. But as much as we have studied about the science, it does not appear to be a possible scene at all.

Because if this happens, it means that the earth would stop rotating and get stuck at one place for that period of time or might rotate at a very slow pace.

The cause of slow rotation could be that any asteroid might hit the earth which would make it revolve very slowly but then it is again illogical.

As per this information, if US countries will have a stretch of 1.5 nights that means India would have a stretch of 1.5 days, but still there is no logical and scientific reason behind this, which could explain the whole story.

Moreover, there was a same news spread in the year 2008, with the same concept and same date 17th October, 2008 that year, but nothing happened as such, so this is just not possible to make a believe this time looking at the past and the scientific logics.

Moreover, a person named David Emery debunked this news in 2008. He found that, During a one-month period from mid-August to mid-September 2008, over 15,000 postings containing the phrase; the sun will rise continuously for 36 hours appeared on the Internet.

He also theorizes that; the perpetrator(s) of the hoax put a great deal of effort into disseminating it. ; But yes, if this news comes up to be a truth or a reality than the person who has spread this knowledgeable information should be thankful.

There are many questions that arrive to the mind when we think of this information. One thing that comes to mind is will we have new clocks for that day as there are only 24 hours a day which strikes one time twice a day but if there are 36 hours in spite of 24 hours, how would the clock work?

This all seems to be the work of attention seekers who create all sorts of information to come into limelight but then the question arises that if this is true then why there isn’t any major space research agency talking about it and where did it all begin from?

The person who has spread this information is using a good way to confuse people by saying that it happens once in 2400 years just as those experts explain the sight of those elusive comets. Now, till the time arrives we have nothing to do except ‘Wait N Watch’… So, let’s see is it a rumor or a reality, and hope for the best!!