April 7, 2010

The Most Amazing Site that I Have Ever Seen

The Most Amazing Thing that I Have Ever Seen. I had never seen this before, and I challenge that you haven't seen this before.

First Open the site : http://www.regiftable.com/regiftingrobinpopup.html

Then think about a two digit no.(anything, e.g. 72)

If you take 72, then subtract 7 & 2 from 72. Like 72-7-2 = 63

Keep this 63 in mind.

Click NEXT

Then you'll see a list of gifts according to number.

Again click on NEXT.

You'll see the gift what you have chosen.

But you have not clicked on any number, nor typed any number, or disclosed the number to anyone.

So how is it possible?? Have you any suggestion, can you solve the mystery??

But you must try it, It's amazing.