April 22, 2010

Celebrate Earth Day Today

On April 22, 2010 millions around the world will celebrate Earth Day this year marking its 40th anniversary.
The idea behind the day - honoring the planet and all living things that inhabit it - began during the early 1960's hippie movement, as Earth Day bloomed into a grassroots cause that eventually culminated in the first official U.S. observance celebrated in 1970.

Today, many cities extend Earth Day celebrations for an entire week to increase awareness of recycling and better energy efficient communities and neighborhoods that culminates with official Earth Day observances on April 22. In 2010, watch for a major campaign in A Billion Acts of Green to help to get the entire planet involved in recycling, planting a tree, or any action you have taken to better the earth.
Discover what else happens on the big day - with facts, news, student projects, coloring pages, crafts ideas, information and history, as well as environmental events & festivities, celebrations & activities across the country that help protect the future of the only planet we've got ...