September 6, 2010

Lady Gaga Steals Twitter Crown from Britney Spears

Lady Gaga steals twitter crown from Briney Spears. She beats Britney in twitter followers. First Britney holds the no.1 position in twitter. She had the most of the followers. Gaga was a beat behind of her. But now she had crossed Britney. As per the latest update Britney has 5,854,087 no. of followers. But now Gaga has 6,084,766 followers. As Britney following 4,19,006 no. of people, Gaga is following just 1,47,962. And it's also noticeable that Gaga is listed by many more than Spears. Gaga listed 1,14,977 when Britney just 63,463 times. So there's no confusion that Gaga is now quiet bit ahead of Britney in the social world. Let's see what next in future.